why e-counselling?

Many people are interested in counselling but never make it to an appointment. They might be challenged by time and competing commitments. They may have limited mobility, or live remotely, or in a care facility.  They may worry about confidentiality, or they may just need a soft start, finding themselves a bit lost and lonely.

Telephone or live video counselling (Skype, WhatsApp or FaceTime) eliminates many of these hurdles, including travel and parking, plus any sense that you need to ‘get ready to face the world’.

Online counselling can be done in the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere you are comfortable and have internet access (with privacy and no distractions).

Book a free chat here to see if it’s the answer you are looking for.


People chose e-counselling because they:

  • are challenged to get to an office appointment around work and family commitments
  • have restricted mobility
  • lack the time or resource for travel and parking
  • live remotely
  • need to fit it in when the kids are sleeping
  • live in an aged care facility and just can’t get into an office
  • find themselves alone and just need an easy start point
  • enjoy the comfort and confidentiality of being in their own space.


Is e-counselling right for you?

Book a free chat here to see how it works, and to see if telephone or video counselling is right for you.

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