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life changes    separation    empty nest    loss of meaning    menopause    FIFO    chronic pain or illness      career    relocating    becoming a carer
ageing    invisibility    regret    grief    vulnerability    illness    sexuality    unresolved family issues    loneliness    
sexuality    self esteem    sex    body image    #metoo    identity    relationships    betrayal    fear    confusion
parenting    perinatal and postnatal issues    managing motherhood     gender-based issues 


Wherever you are at, you may be feeling general or acute anxiety or depression, vulnerability, regret, anger, or downright confusion.  So much information everywhere, yet nothing helps.

A counsellor is a support when life is tough, just like you see a GP, physio or business coach for other needs. You don’t have to tackle life alone.

Book now for an initial free chat to get the ball rolling, and see if it feels right for you. A safe, non-judgemental space to share.

Or leap straight in and book a full session. You may need just want to meet once, you may want to take a journey, either is ok with us.

The Garden is here for all women (regardless of sexuality, location, cis or trans).

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