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Book now for an initial free chat to get the ball rolling, and see if it feels right for you. A safe, non-judgemental space to share.

Or leap straight in and book a full session. You may need just want to meet once, you may want to take a journey, either is ok with us.

The Garden is here for women (including anyone identifying as female).

single dande

Are you struggling with life changes?  Maybe loneliness?  Loss of meaning? Ageing or invisibility?  Menopause? Low self-esteem and confidence?

Are you experiencing anger, fear or confusion due to separation, maybe after decades of partnership?

Are you challenged by parenting and need help staying afloat?

Are you finding it hard in your relationship?  Maybe you’re in a FIFO relationship? 

Do you suffer from chronic pain or decreasing mobility?

Are you struggling as a new mother? Maybe challenged by the experience of a difficult birth, or adjusting to your new life?

Do you just need to download, and clear your cluttered mind?

Do you sometimes feel you’ve lost yourself? Wondering how you got here? 

Do you yearn for a new career, a new direction, but don’t know how to get there?

Have the kids grown and flown, leaving you feeling at odds with it all? What does empty nest syndrome mean for you?

Are you hurting or grieving for someone or something?

Are you thinking about your sexuality? Has the #metoo movement raised any questions for you?

Book now, support is a click away.


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