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Wherever you are at in life, you have the possibility to make things better.  By accepting your self as okay even though you are troubled, and by accepting all your various  parts (even the anxious ones) as valuable, you can experience great growth.

Working with a counsellor creates a space where you can examine all parts of your self and your choices, and repair damage, dump baggage, and become free to move on. Stronger, healthier and optimistic.  It can be really exciting work!   It is the one space where it is entirely about you.

You may be surrounded by friends or family, but still don’t feel you ever get to talk about you and your problems. Or you have an issue that you just can’t share with those closest to you.

Forget the stigma – think of a counsellor as a support when you need help (just like you see a GP, physio or business coach for other needs).

Book now for an initial free chat to get the ball rolling, and see if it feels right for you.

The Garden is here for all women who need to piece themselves together, and create a better life for themselves.

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We offer a safe place to be heard and understood, where you can address anything – in complete confidence.  Together we’ll make sense of it, and get you back on track for the life you want to lead.  

Fully confidential, our video or telephone counselling is perfect for those preferring to chat in the comfort and privacy of your own space, be it home, office, or car.

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How it works

Our sessions take place via video calls (Skype) or telephone. We email you any useful support material.   It’s preferable you use the online booking system, but you can email through your booking request if you prefer.  Have a think about your goal:

  • One session to clear your mind and pick up some strategies for a particular situation?
  • Several sessions to map out goals and a plan to get you where you want to be in life?
  • Longer term work on a deeper level to finally deal with the issues holding you back?
  • Simple information and guidance around sexual problems, to fully support your sexuality or relationship issues?
Start with a free consultation to check online counselling works for you, and to agree the next steps.  There’s no obligation to continue.single dandeLife changes   separation    empty nest    loss of meaning    menopause    FIFO    chronic pain    career    relocating
ageing    invisibility    regret    grief    vulnerability    illness    sexuality    unresolved family issues    loneliness    
sexuality    self esteem    sex    body image    #metoo    identity    relationships    betrayal    fear    confusion    addiction
parenting    perinatal and postnatal issues    managing motherhood     gender-based issues
becoming whole   have you lost your sense of self, or lost your way?  have you been so much to so many, that you forgot to take care of you?
Book now, support is a click away.

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